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Selected blockchain startups will receive dedicated mentorship and guidance from experts across Sheesha Finance as well as strategic guidance from our global network.
Semester 1: Freshman Phase

One of the most critical factors to consider when creating a project is to decide which blockchain solution your underlying platform should work on. Choosing the right platform based on your requirements can save you endless time and effort, especially given the number of platforms available. We help you make an informed choice on which blockchain to deploy your project on, depending on the structure and purpose of your project.

Feedback is like organic fertiliser, boosting growth rapidly when applied in the right manner. We understand that critical feedback is an important part of being a long-term partner, we all have a stake in delivering quality services of real purpose for end users. Our team of designers will guide the development of your UX and UI, encouraging innovation and finding elegant solutions for your interface.

Crafting a roadmap together allows us to work with your project on a bird’s eye view, creating confidence by securing the whole course of your journey from start to finish. We’ll anticipate obstacles or opportunities ahead of you which will help streamline your path to success in your sector. With a fully customised project development roadmap, we’ll establish key steps, determine timelines, track milestones, and keep track of deadlines.

The most successful projects manage their financial projections with the finest precision. Our team of experts will help you refine your business costs and financials, as well as giving guidance on forecasting future growth plans, tackling cost efficiencies, as well as giving direct assistance planning and executing your target capital raise amount.

We will help you brainstorm and interrogate the concepts at play in your project, bringing new angles to bear and finding synergies for deeper understanding and problem-solving. Helping to refine your project idea, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and setting up the best avenues to approach your business are all a part of this process.

We believe it is important for blockchain projects to adhere to a sustainable business model. We help refine your business revenue model, assisting with finding improved revenue streams to create, deliver and capture value for your project.

In the fast-paced world of DeFi a year of events can seem compressed to a month. Keeping up to speed on competitive analysis for your project is absolutely vital to maintain your edge. Our expert team can assist with a detailed competitor analysis, as well as further guidance on finding efficiencies in this data-gather practice. We’ll also help your project find and establish its industry project fit, identify USPs and develop future strategies.

Semester 2: Sophomore Phase

We have read hundreds of pitch decks and know the winning ingredients for a great pitch. Pitch decks are aimed to excite investors and give them a reason to believe in you and trust what you can achieve. We work with you to refine your pitch deck to that point X that will draw investment.

Effective pitching is a combination of design, knowledge, and performance, a set of skills which most people simply do not possess. As pitch deck coaching experts, we help you craft and orate your project to tell a captivating story for your company in a way that makes you memorable. We’ll also help prepare you to respond to any questions which investors may raise.

A litepaper is designed to capture the interest of those readers who may not have the time or inclination to read a highly technical whitepaper. Designed to be short but with enough details about the project to arouse interest among its readers, whilst a whitepaper is designed for those who wish to take a deeper dive into the mechanics of a project. We help refine your whitepaper and / or litepaper in depth, to maximise appeal to investors and other partners.

Both art and science, we’ve found three crucial areas for tokenomics design that are crucial for projects. First is token circulation and how you conduct business activity with your new token. Secondly, we consider all activity that impacts on your token circulation and liquidity. Finally, we assist with a business plan for token sales and a marketing activity plan. Our team of tokenomics experts will design your tokenomics to ensure it is investor-friendly, whilst giving the token longevity.

Having analysed hundreds of projects, we know that the strongest projects have multiple token utilities. We also advise on the validity and coherence of a token’s purpose, ensuring that it is robust and meaningful. We provide gap analysis of your current token utility and work with you to enhance this.

Semester 3: Junior Phase

We provide full support for best practice in compliance, an essential for any serious crypto venture. Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) processes are addressed in depth. We know that having proper KYC and AML provision from reputable
companies is particularly important in the world of crypto. We will guide you through KYC and AML regulations, ensuring that all regulatory bases are covered.

Our legal services provide full support to ensure that your project is prepared and informed regarding all regulatory aspects of the crypto sphere. This includes capital market and data privacy laws. There may be jurisdiction-specific regulatory demands like the eCommerce law in the EU for utility tokens. We can also connect your project with specialist blockchain law firms who can further guide you through the legalities of cryptocurrency, company creation, and token issuance.

The backbone of every Web3 project is technology. Through the numerous provisions within the
Sheesha Finance Techcelerator we are able to support your project to deliver
a world-class product to your customers.

Semester 4: Senior Phase

Headquartered in Dubai and founded by the UAE’s own Saeed Al Darmaki who also sits as CEO, the world recognises that Abu Dhabi and Dubai are leading the way in crypto uptake. With a strategic local advantage when it comes to helping your project set up in the free zone, we can also supply local knowledge and connections to help your project’s growth.

Our highly experienced Web3 native Marketing Team can give definition and edge to your marketing plan. We understand that a lot of problems can appear while launching a new project. Our team will help refine your launch strategy, to ensure maximum success for your project.

Co-marketing is an efficient way of pooling resources, whether it be sharing audiences or customer base. Our expert in-house Web3 marketing team will co-market your project, helping to foster a positive long-term and organically strong community. Our standard provision includes partnership articles, a feature in our monthly project reports, as well as marketing campaigns like AMAs.

One of the primary advantages of partnering with us is unlimited access to our ever-evolving network of VCs, launchpads, tech partners, legal experts and extended communities. Being part of the Sheesha team gives you exclusive access to a trusted ecosystem of projects and strategic partners in our growing ecosystem.

We have extensive experience in developing projects to the point at which they are positioned to successfully raise capital. We can provide this support, along with the contacts required to ensure success in fundraising for your project.

We are partnered with a wide pool of VCs at all different tiers, armed with the specificities of each VC, and fully versed in their current investment mandates, and which narratives and project stages they prefer to invest in. We will introduce your project to our network of VCs to help find you the right pool of investors to back your project.

Understanding who has invested and the level of commitment is critical. A strong cap table tells investors who are committed to what part of your project. Prospective investors want to see who has already committed to your project. They also want the ability to forecast potential payouts and dilution under specific scenarios based on the ownership split. We will help you to strategically manage those investors.

We understand that launching your token on one or multiple launchpads allows for greater visibility of your project to multiple communities. Therefore, we have partnered up with some of the biggest and best launchpads in crypto to give you access and a chance to launch your token as well as gain access to the free marketing that comes with these partnerships. We will introduce your project to our network of launchpads, ensuring those chosen are the best fit for your specific project goals.

The token mechanics governing your project and the actual token launch have quite distinct criteria for success. The latter is on economic territory, combining knowledge about asset valuation, community and investor dynamics. Our team of experts will help fine-tune your launch strategy to provide you with the tools for the best possible outcome.

Market makers play a crucial role in increasing a project's accessibility and liquidity available to traders, investors and market participants globally. We have partnered with some of the best market makers in the industry, providing you with multiple options in this fast-paced arena.

Listing your token on targeted decentralised exchanges (DEXs) comes with several benefits including lowering transaction fees, allowing the community to directly hold their own assets and avoiding a degree of regulatory burden. Listing on centralised exchanges (CEXs) has its own benefits too. These generally offer more liquidity and stronger regulatory assurances, which can be especially desirable for institutional clients. We have partnered with a wide variety of DEXs and CEXs and will guide you through the process every step of the way.

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